What is Open Data?

Open Data refers to information that is placed online for anyone to access and use.

Why make data freely available?

The intention for this site is to provide a reliable source for non-personal, non-sensitive data as part of the nationwide effort to open up government and support innovation by creating value from the data. We hope that access to this data will enable you to create new and exciting projects, apps, and businesses that benefit the area and change the way we live in Bournemouth.

Who’s this site for?

It’s expected that app developers, data scientists and web designers to use, but it has the potential to be valuable to anyone who lives in Bournemouth. This data will be used to help shape Bournemouth’s future, empowering us all to make more informed decisions.

What rules do I need to follow to use the data?

Please see our Code of Conduct.

How is this data licensed?

All data on Bournemouth Data Stream is currently licensed under the Open Government License.

How was Bournemouth Data Stream made?

Following a successful Hack The Government pilot event, organised by Bournemouth Borough Council, hackbmth and Rewired State in March 2014, the plans were laid for truly open data in Bournemouth. This site is the hub for that data, and the next step towards empowering citizens of Bournemouth to get involved in the area they live in. The team at the Open Device Lab at Base were asked to bring the site to life.

What’s next for the site?

This site is only in a very early state - future versions will hope to add more features, including better cataloging and searching, etc for data. We welcome your submission of and/or requests for data, so get emailing. The current site is just the start of a future of data in Bournemouth.

The site was inspired and influenced by GDS’ approach to gov.uk, data.gov.uk and Leeds Data Mill.


Made with Bournemouth Data Stream

If you wish, you can use the Bournemouth Data Stream stamp in your app, site, or whatever uses the data. Feel free to use it to link back to this site and tell other users and developers where you got your data from, so they can find us and make something amazing too.


Data usage should follow the code of conduct.