When using the data, we’d like you to:

  • Feel free to use data live from the server. Some data may be provided as a live updated service, so using it live in your app will be beneficial.
  • Please cache data for a short period of time, where possible, for your application.
  • Let us know if data is faulty or you believe it to be incorrect! Please make suggestions for the service or request data you’d like to see.
  • Please tell us about your application and we might feature it in a case study and promote it to the people of Bournemouth

When using the data, you should:

You must not:

  • Make an application that pretends to be an official government service.
  • Present the data in a misleading or incorrect manner or to misrepresent or change the data.
  • Use these materials in or to support a criminal, illicit or unpleasant activity.