Please submit your data to

Data Guidelines

Please ensure your data is normalised/sanitised in an open, easy to use format, such as CSV or JSON.

We also welcome submissions of open data sources (relevant to Bournemouth) elsewhere that can be added as an external link.

When submitting your own data, you must have the rights to submit it to us. Please indicate in your email that you have those rights and the source of the data. By submitting your data, you should accept that it’ll be hosted here unless you specify otherwise. We encourage live datasets/APIs if you have those.

We welcome any sort of data relevant to Bournemouth, whether it’s data you have created yourself, as a student project, as part of a company, or anything else. We welcome new and interesting data.

Requesting Data

We welcome requests for data - if you have a request, make it known and it’ll be found and bumped to the front of the queue. Shoot an email to with details of data you’d like and we’ll see what we can do.

Improving Data

If you would like to convert data to a new format, such as converting an xls to an open CSV format, please feel free to do so and submit to